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CSI New Year, Blue Ridge Reboot

The new CSI fiscal year is here, and we are kicking it off with a board meeting and a few changes to the website! One of our goals for this year is to increase membership. To do that, we must seek to provide valuable experiences for the AEC community in our region.

Our industry is continues to change. The Construction Specifications Institute has recognized this and is implementing many changes on the national level to keep our organization relevant. It follows that many of these changes will flow to the chapter level, where the national organization makes a regional impact. I would encourage AEC professionals in the area to check back on this website from time to time over the next year to see what this chapter will be providing.

If you are a current member and haven't been at a meeting for a while, it might be time to make the trip and see what is new at your chapter. Also, visitors are always welcome at our meetings, so if you see something interesting, please feel free to stop by and try it out.

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